What is Nature Scripts?

Nature Scripts, a rendition of Park Rx America, was established to offer Pueblo City & County healthcare providers the opportunity to prescribe nature to patients. Nature Scripts incorporates evidence-based recommendations for patients spending time in nature i.e., take a 10- to 15-minute walk at lunchtime. "Every park prescription specifies the place, activity, dose and frequency."

Nature Scripts is a collaborative project with Pueblo County Medical Society, Pueblo Parks and Recreation, and many more local organizations.

Biker on wooded path

For Health Professionals

How do I prescribe a park in Pueblo?

Start prescribing Nature Scripts today!

"Nature heals and spending time in its breathtaking beauty can change the trajectory of your patient's health. Sitting, breathing, reading, walking, exercising and more, in nature, can help mend what needs mending.

Self-care can be defined as taking ownership of one's health. Time devoted in nature, routinely, can be a form of self-care. Time spent in nature is hours and days without stress.

Nature is a world without unnecessary interruptions and unceasing demands. It can be a time and place where your patients immerse their whole self in a realm that is not manmade."